3M Digital whiteboards

3M Digital Whiteboards 9000 PD Plus – 9200iw Plus – 9200ic Plus

Digital Wall Displays (DWD)
Whether the need is for display or collaboration and interaction, 3m’s digital wall display’s are the perfect tool to help you rev up a corporate meeting, conduct troop training or motivate a classroom of students. For trainers and presenters who need their message understood ad remembered, the displays are an excellent alternative to projector installations, flat panel displays, and digital whiteboards.

3M-DWD-9000PD-Plus-Digital-WhiteboardThey combine state of the art projection and dry erase board in a remarkably easy wall-mounted design to maximize communication in the most demanding settings. No need to worry about tracking down and setting up your meeting equipment again, the multiple tools integrated into the displays make them ideal for capturing and communicating vast and complicates quantities of information.

World-Class Visual Presentations
For professionals who need to make the right impression the first time, the Digital Wall Displays enable you to deliver information in a manner that is understandable, memorable, remembered and engaging.

Get a perfectly focused image virtually every time with the press of a button.

Patented, integrated projection arm sharpens image focus while eliminating bright spots and shadows. With patented extreme off axis design, you can present without annoying light projected in your eyes. Picture-in-picture technology. 60-inch diagonal screen ideal for viewing content in any small to mid-sized room. Excellent display for video conferencing, training or presentations. 4:3 aspect ratio provides an expansive 1700 viewing angle without distortion for clear, sharp images from anywhere in the room. Gives you total flexibility in arranging your room. Eliminate unnecessary clutter and the problem of trying fo find space to place your projector. Two integrated 20-watt speakers provide robust stereo audio. Single button operation and held remote control for most functions. Presenting has never been so easy.

3M-Digital-whiteboard-with-mobilityChoose Permanent or Mobile Mounting Solutions
Everything you need is included for wall-mounted installation, while an optional rolling cart makes moving the displays a snap.

Installation, unlike other systems, when you purchase 3M Digital WallDisplay, everything you need is in the box to be up and running in a few hours.

Included are: One easy-to-install single piece mounting bracket and hardware with instructions. All necessary cables, including global power cords. Full documentation including a user’s guide and a quick start guide.

Due to their flat screen design, they are the ideal solution for fixed or temporary locations. With their simple wall mount design, they are easily moved from location to locations. Put them in locations that are architecturally challenging due to odd room size, preventative circumstances such as asbestos, or rented spaces. The optional mobile cart provides portability, or when there is no space available to mount a display device.

Collaboration and Information Gathering
When you need to gather information from a variety of sources and locations, the 9200IW and 9200IC you to brainstorm, bring it all together, organize it and send it out.

Stay in front of your audience by controlling computer functions using the Digital Presentation Pen as a mouse. Add emphasis by digitally drawing and highlighting over any image. Data is permanently recorded to an electronic file for distribution or future reference.

Scroll through presentations and print selected screen-shots with the push os a button. Digitally share information with multiple locations to include those who can not attend. DWD replaces the need to travel for every meeting.

3M-digital-whiteboardDWD 9000PD Plus
Boost the impact of your meetings, presentations, briefings or lectures with a single tool that combines the best in multimedia projection with an easy-erase, flat screen display.

Ideal for smaller meeting rooms, this one-piece solution saves space, reduces setup time and provides stereo sound. Includes:

XGA resolution projector.
60” diagonal screen with a 4:3 aspect ratio.
Replaceable dry erase screen.
Two built-in 20-watt per channel speakers for stereo surround sound.
PC and Macintosh compatible.
Two computer (VGA, DVI) and three video inputs (component, composite and S-Video).
Hand-held remote for controlling all functions with presenter features.
Weights approximately 85 pounds.

DWD 9200iw PLUS
Achieve seamless collaboration with this interactive whiteboard display that lets you share the content of meetings and discussions with associates at any location. Changes you make to presentations can be seen by remote users as you make them. This tool includes a multimedia projector, stereo sound, and digital whiteboard that lets you write notes in virtual ink then send them to colleagues wia the Internet. Step-up features from the DWD 9000PD Plus

Capture notes in color and save or send them in various file formats instantly (JPEG, GIF, TIFF, HTML, PDF, vector PDF, EPS, BMP, Powerpoint and metafile.
Interactive Display-control computer mouse functions with the digital presentation pen.
Annotate and edit text and drawings on-line from remote locations.
Microsoft NetMeeting compatible.
Playback feature lets you review all drawings on the board including erased items.
Imports files from almost any program and annotate and save changes. (PPT, BMP, GIF, JPEG, ICO, EMF, WMF, Excel and Word).
On screen keyboard.

DWD 9200iC Plus
This advanced dual-mode Digital Wall Display combines a multimedia projector, stereo sound, copy board and digital whiteboard. Write notes in virtual ink then send them via the Internet and print them for handouts. Steps-up features from the 9200IW PLUS with copyboard with printer hook-up (printer not included).